Get Involved

-If your local library does not already have a copy of Unnatural Causes or other relevant DVD’s, ask that the library order them to put in their collection for check out.

-You can help make others aware of racial health disparities and how neighborhood level factors influence health outcomes. Organize screenings and discussions after viewing films such as Unnatural Causes, Race the Power of an Illusion, or Holes in the Mitten from the Michigan Health Equity Toolkit. Discussion questions and activities are already available on each DVDs website.

-Stay up to date with your political leaders at the city, county, state, and federal levels. Become an engaged citizen and tell them what they should or should NOT be doing to support optimal health for all people. Elected officials want and need to hear from you!

-Write an opinion editorial or letter to the editor for your local newspaper on health disparities and social determinants of health and why we should care about it.

-Assist neighbors or other community members with linking to services they might need to maximize their health outcomes.

-If you see something, say something. If an organization or person is doing something to hurt the vibrancy and health of your community, voice your concerns!

In your work place

-Actively think and learn about how your actions, practices and policies in the work place might affect people of color and other minority populations. Work to take corrective action. A Racial Equity Impact Assessment may be helpful.

-If you are a manager or in human resources, take a look at the diversity of the staff. What is the ratio of racial/ethnic and other minorities within management roles and for the rest of the organization? Deliberately recruit minority populations.

-Create an equity workgroup to discuss addressing topic such as equity in hiring, recruiting, pay scales, work practices and policies.

-Help to create an environment where racial and other discrimination is not tolerated. If you see or hear something, say something.

-If you are a granting organization, deliberately release Requests for Proposal to racial/ethnic and other minority populations and geographic areas.