Muskegon Community Health Project

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The Muskegon Community Health Project has a new website: The website contains information about health inequities and stories of how Muskegon is working to remove barriers so that everyone can have a chance to live a healthy life.

Here is an excerpt from the Healing Stories section of the website.

Health Disparities Where You Live:
Health disparities can arise from issues that may seem trivial for many Americans. However, lacking basic transportation or easy access to a health clinic can be a major obstacle to a healthy life.

In the case of a pregnant, single African American woman in Muskegon, lack of adequate transportation meant an inability to make prenatal care appointments at the clinic several miles away from her home. The low-income woman did not own or have access to a vehicle, and because she was new to the area she did not know anybody who owned a vehicle. Her only means of travel to and from the clinic was the public bus system.

She worked a minimum wage job within walking distance to her house, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, further making appointment times difficult to get to because of scheduling conflicts with the bus system and the clinic. The bus route for the trip was long and non-direct, requiring a change of busses along the way. On two occasions this resulted in late arrivals to the clinic causing the woman to miss her scheduled appointment times. Because of this, the visits often lasted several hours each as she had to be •worked-in• between other patients.

The woman mentioned her frustrations and transportation problems to a co-worker who contacted a local human services agency known for assisting people with transportation needs. Volunteers for the agency offered to transport the woman to and from the clinic throughout the length of her pregnancy and for postnatal care following the delivery of the child.

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